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Should I apply for the On-Ramp or Highway program?

If you are a computer or coding novice, the On-Ramp program will be a great start. If you have a background in STEM, have some coding experience (i.e. beginner+), and/or have worked in a technology-related field, the Highway program will be most suitable. If you're not sure, please contact us and we can identify the right program based on your skillset and career goals.


What is the time commitment for the Highway program?

Each week, students are expected to spend 15 hours in the classroom with a minimum of 10 additional hours studying and working on projects. 


Where will the program be located?

I/O Avenue's 2017 program will work from computer labs at Florida A&M University's Center for Workforce Development.

Applications and Enrollment

What does the application process look like?

Applications for the Fall 2017 programs will open up on August 1 and will close on August 15. During the week of August 21 - 25, we will be conducting one-on-one interviews (in-person or virtual) before we extend an offer for admission into our programs. Both the On-ramp and Highway program will have limited seating so be sure to apply on time. If you'd like to receive the latest updates on program details and deadlines, get on our waitlist

Financial Assistance

Will there be any financial assistance?

There will be several ways to receive financial assistance including scholarships, low-interest loans and corporate sponsorships. Check back soon for more details on these funding opportunities.

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